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About the engraver

My name is Charles Perrin and I am the engraver behind

Created in 2014 in Liege, Belgium, HandEngravedGuitar is an atelier dedicated to the carving of guitars pieces such as neck plate, pickguard, control plate, tuner, … or in fewer words, any metal parts.

Regardless of the type of guitar, your style or thinking school, your instrument can be marked and personalised. I work on pieces from Gibson, Fender, Gretsch, etc.

I am myself a musician and own several guitars. Between 2002 & 2005, I have studied in the renowned engraving school of Leon Mignon, Liege, Belgium. However at the time, it was only a passion and I would never have thought I could develop this hobby in a professional career. My plan was solely to work on my own guitars and to become a professional musician. A real rocker, be on the road, etc.

However, I had the great opportunity to move in New Orleans and meet a great master of engraving, Sam Alfano, his work is amazing, gorgeous, and he’s a good banjo player too! He offered me the chance to be under his tutoring.

When I came back, it was clear that passion and professional activity could blend.

Of course I keep playing guitar. A lot. I keep buying guitars. A lot. But now I live from engraving and personalised guitars.

I work from home, where my atelier is. I share this very home with my wonderful wife Audrey and our incredible girl Lily-Jeanne. I could write words and words about them, but I don’t want to lose you in the blah blah of a loved husband and father.

You can have an overview of my previous works by browsing the three main categories of the site:

- Pickguard
- Neckplate
- Other part (subtly named “miscellaneous”)

You can also contact me via the form below. I would love to discuss your projects and ideas, please feel free to share them.

My work is also available on facebook & esty.

Charles Perrin, Liège, 2014.